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from here to there - Sasha Leech 

Transfiguration of the commonplace

SASHA LEECH draws all the time. His sketch books, stacked up in his home and studio, are like diaries, recording his day to day experiences: people on the tube, the shape, weight and translucence of a bottle, a study from an old master, a dead fly, a crowd of people jostling down the street, friends tango dancing.  Life.

In conversation Leech says: ‘I don’t feel  I’ve really experienced something unless I’ve drawn it.’

From this treasury , which captures the heft of experience , Leech moves on to make paintings. Paintings that capture the flow of life: a crowd of people in a busy street, a crowd of objects on a table, a brawling tangle of men in a Nottingham street, the explosive energy of a bunch of flowers, spilling from a vase, like a living firework display.

There’s a tension in his crowds, object and flower paintings between the anonymity of the ‘bunch’ and the individuality of each element that makes up the whole. The distinctive gait of an individual, the way a particular petal curls or droops from the flower head, the way the light glints off the edge of a plastic bottle.

These humble things, the ‘thisness’ or quiddity of the everyday is transfigured in Leech’s paintings into something to astonish, admire and contemplate. The experience is made more real through its metamorphosis in paint.

There is nothing blank or uninteresting in this painted world. In his large double portraits the background wall is painted with as much attention as the faces of the sitters. Everything is animated, the surfaces alive with the transient caress of light and shadow and the subtle shifts of tone that result.

The total concentration required to get just the right tone to define the transparency, reflectiveness, weight and curving form of a bottle so that, in viewing the image, we can feel the smooth resistance of its surface, its fragility, its weight or surprising lightness were we to pick it up.

All this requires an immense dedication to not just the world as it is seen but as it is felt, carried, consumed. Leech’s work opens up for his viewers a deeply felt, tactile world, replete with life. 




PRIVATE VIEW Wed 15th October 6 – 9pm  

OPEN Thurs 16th – Sunday 19 October 1 – 5pm


Jim Anderson is a multi-media artist based in London, where he divides his time and energies between printmaking, mosaic-making, teaching, and writing. His work encompasses many different media and ideas; but use of found or recycled materials is always paramount, and his work is steeped in the surreal and the satirical.

Anderson exhibits internationally and his prints have been awarded four prizes in major national exhibitions - most recently in 2007’s Small Print Big Impression exhibition in Leicester. In the mid-90s his work caught the attention of Sister Wendy Beckett who awarded him the under-30 prize at the 1994 Eastern Art Show. In 1997 he was a co- founder of The Illustrated Ape magazine; and in 2000 his book Handmade Prints – co-authored with artist Anne Desmet – was published by A&C Black. He was also one of the artists featured in Tony Dyson’s book Printmakers’ Secrets.

A man of many talents 2002-2004 found him playing the theremin and providing backing vocals for the rock group Jujubabies, who were band-in-residence for Ibiza’s Manumission Club during the summer of 2004.

His prints and paintings appear in numerous national exhibitions, and in 2002 one of his mosaic murals in London was shortlisted for a Camden Design Award. He has recently completed a series of mosaic murals for Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge; and has been involved in a large and ongoing public art project in various hospitals in Kenya - which was recently the subject of a short film The Art of Healing.

Anderson’s prints can also be seen at The Bankside Gallery, London and at Byard Art in Cambridge. His public mosaics can be seen at locations around London and Cambridge, and in unexpected places in Spain, Greece, Kenya, and the USA.           

For more details or any press enquiries please contact Lou Beer at  Mobile: 07970628854



PRECIOUS - as part of Deptford X

Deptford X exists to promote the best contemporary visual art and celebrate that art with the widest possible audience. It is an annual arts event born of Deptford’s creative community and based on a belief in the limitless potential of the area. 

Bob and Roberta Smith - lead artist of Deptford X -  has been championing the importance of art and its place in education and modern politics. Catch his new film Art Party while you can.

Art Hub is responding to the theme of the festival WHAT IS THE VALUE OF ART? with a showcase of contemporary art and design. Join us on the opening night of the festival at Art Hub Gallery, Creekside on Friday 26 September 6 -9pm




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A Conversation with the Paintings - Sunday 29 June at 3pm

A Conversation with the Paintings.

Join artist Tim Cousins, poet and playwright Colin Pink and artist and curator, Fritz Duffy for a conversation that will concentrate on interpretations of the nature of painting and the artists' identity in a digital age. It will also focus on the artists' life and the questions of narrative.

To ensure your seat please arrive at 2.30pm for 3pm start and last for 45 minutes. The conversation will continue informally with refreshments until 6pm.

Exhibition runs until Sunday 29 June 1 - 6pm